GraVoc GP Barcode Inventory Scanner Toolkit

The GraVoc GP Barcode toolkit adds an extra level of control to one of your largest assets – your inventory. Use the utility to generate barcode labels for all of your inventory items and then use programmable barcode scanners to control the flow of your inventory items throughout Great Plains.


Automatic barcode label creation for Purchase Order generated and/or received items

Utility to create and print on-the-fly barcode labels
Barcode scanner quantity on-hand, quantity allocated and quantity available inquiry

Automated item quantity adjustment transactions

Automated item transfer transactions
Barcode scanner inventory item cycle and/or stock count functionality

Other Utilities

GraVoc GP Job Cost Utility

The GraVoc Job Cost utility the simplest and fastest way to track all of your revenues and expenses associated with a job or project in Great Plains. Setup a new Job/Project in seconds and attach your Job/Project to any transaction entry screen in Great Plains to associate the related revenues and/or expenses to that particular Job/Project. If you mistakenly posted your transaction without associating your job/project ID – no problem. Use any GP transaction inquiry screen to locate the original transaction document and attach your job/project number and then simply re-run your job/project profit and loss report. This is a simple, powerful tool to track whether or not you are making money on any of the jobs/projects you are accounting for in Great Plains – a must have for any professional service organization.

GraVoc GP ID Changer Utility

The GP ID Changer allows users to change old Customer Numbers, Vendor Numbers or Inventory Item Numbers throughout all of the relevant tables in your GP company database. Use the ID Changer when your largest customer changes hands in order to change their Customer ID and simultaneously continue to maintain their customer history.

GraVoc GP Pricing Utilities

The GraVoc Mass Price Changer allows you to use a Smartlist to export your current inventory items and prices into Excel, update your new prices then load them back into Great Plains. Do you spend too much time manually setting up multiple price levels and prices every time you add a new inventory item into Great Plains? Use the GraVoc Pricing Utility to define the logic of how each price level is defined based on your list price, standard cost or current cost and then the next time you need to add a new inventory item, enter in your standard cost, current cost and list price fields and then click a new custom button located on the Item Currency screen to automatically generate all of your possible price levels and prices for that new item.

Microsoft Dynamics GP Last Sale Price Utility

Do you need to ensure that you are selling an item to a customer with same price they bought it at last time? Or do you simply want to quickly check what price you sold that particular item to the customer for last time around. You can perform this check right from the Sales Order Entry screen with the click of a button. With the GraVoc Last Price Utility you can automatically default to the last sale price for that item and customer or you can lookup the pricing history for that item and customer.

GraVoc GP Excel Stock Count Upload Utility

Does it take you too long to locate the right inventory item on the GP Inventory Stock Entry screen? Do you find it inefficient to have to mark each and every inventory item as Verified before you post your stock count? Use Excel to export and format your Stock Count Entry sheets and then use those same Excel count sheets to enter your count information, check variances and upload them directly back into Great Plains in order to post your stock count. With the built-in Find functionality in Excel there will be no more need to scroll through pages of GP Stock Count Entry screens to find the right inventory item.

GraVoc GP Custom Item Notes Utility

Do you have certain inventory items that require special notes to print with those items on your Sales Order forms and/or Purchase Order forms? Use the GraVoc GP Custom Notes Utility to define special inventory line item notes that can be printed on Sales Quotes, Orders and Invoices and/or special inventory line item Purchase Order notes. With this utility you can define different inventory item note types (Sales Order Only; Purchase Order Only or Both) to convey critical information about your inventory items to your customers and/or vendors.

GraVoc GP OB10 Interface Utility

Do you have customers that are requiring you to submit your invoices for payment through the OB10 network? Not sure where to begin? Use the GraVoc’s GP OB10 Interface, which contains a pre-built Great Plains export template that allows you to select your required customers and fill the necessary OB10 account information. Once you have defined which customer accounts you need to submit your invoices for via OB10, enter those invoices into Great Plains and press a button to save your OB10 invoice formats in the correct format for upload to OB10.

Microsoft Dynamics GP Indented Bill of Materials Report

Looking for a clear, concise, easy-to-read, indented Great Plains Manufacturing Bill of Materials report or Manufacturing Picking Ticket? The GraVoc GP Indented Bill of Materials report is the answer. Use this report to print or export into Excel a fully costed, easy to read indented bill of materials. At run-time, you can select whether you want to cost the BOM based on standard cost or current cost.

Microsoft Dynamics GP Multi-Sourcing Item and Vendor Setup

The GraVoc Great Plains Multi-Sourcing Item and Vendor Setup Utility allows users to setup multiple vendors for one inventory item and define vendor/manufacturer item numbers and descriptions for each of those items. Once you have a designated the multiple vendors for each item, you can pull-up and use those Multi-Sourced items directly from the Purchase Order Entry screen to pick which vendor you want to purchase this particular inventory item from. The GraVoc GP Multi-Sourcing utility also allows you to track and maintain a cost history for each of those vendors you setup and buy a particular inventory item from.

Microsoft Dynamics GP Duplicate Customer PO Number Restriction Utility

The GraVoc Duplicate Customer PO Number Restriction Utility will notify your customer service representative when they go to put in a new Sales Order and they enter a Customer Purchase Order Number that has already been entered into the system. When the customer service representative is flagged that a Purchase Order Number has already been used by that customer, they can push a button and review the history of that P.O. Number to see the date that it was last used. This utility adds an extra level security to ensure that your customer service representatives are not erroneously entering and shipping duplicate sales orders to your customers.