GraVoc Software is a division of GraVoc Associates, Inc. that was founded to focus on the development and marketing of our custom business software applications and software development services. Over the years, we have helped our customers solve their unique business challenges by creating innovative software solutions that fit their needs. Many of our software solutions are centered around and focus on augmenting the Microsoft Dynamics Business Solutions line of products (Dynamics AX, Dynamics CRM and Dynamics GP) in order to solve specific industry and business challenges.

The Microsoft Dynamics products provide a solid foundation on which to center your business applications, and they typically cover a very high percentage of a customer’s needs out-of-the-box. The Microsoft Dynamics products were specifically designed with an open architecture in mind so that products could be intentionally customized to fulfill those unique customer requirements that are not covered out-of-the-box. As a result, GraVoc Software has acquired extensive experience customizing and adapting the Microsoft Dynamics products to fit the unique needs of our customers across a broad range of industries. Some of our customizations have been built directly within the applications themselves in order to create additional functionality or to make existing processes more efficient. Other development projects have consisted of building entire front-end and/or back-end, integrated applications using tools such as SharePoint, Visual Studio.NET, eConnect, MSSQL and Access.

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GraVoc Software strives to bring your custom development project in on-time and on budget. GraVoc Software can handle your custom development projects on an hourly basis, block-time of fixed fee contract basis. Please feel free to explore our site or contact us to find out more information about our flagship software applications, efficiency tools and utilities or custom development and reporting services.

The GraVoc Business Process Management system is designed to make your operation more efficient by cutting out the paper pushing and to work the way your employees work. The investment in the GraVoc Macola Business Process Management system pays for itself quickly by helping to cut down on the inefficiencies in your organization.